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Fidget Ninja


Fidget toys are definitely the upcoming hit of 2017 and we are here to make you ready for the trend. The Tri-Spinner is first model of this project and comes in “spin me” blister packaging in 4 transparent colorways.


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Fidget Spinner – Base Spinner


Keep the spinning going!

The Base Spinners are basic Fidget Spinners designed to spin with the smallest effort possible. Each of them equipped with a centered bearing which is responsible to make the spinner spin. The other bearings purpose to provide extra weight while increasing spin time and balancing the spinner.

In overall, trendy and simple skill toys which are not without benefits. Playing them will certainly help to reduce stress and improve concentration skill.

While in motion, set your creativity free! Take the spinner and pull out some cool tricks!

Available individually and in Bundles of 3 (random colours) and in Bundles of 6 (all colours)

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Czech Point Pivot by Yoyofactory


Signature model of European and multiple Czech Champion – Vashek Kroutil is back. Now as a Czech Point Pivot with special horizontal grind hub.

After a year of development, YoYoFactory is ready to introduce the Pivot series of yoyos. This technology, which started with the Basecamp Sherpa yoyo, is being released for the first time on a modern performance unresponsive yoyo – Czech Point!

The goal of the Pivot technology is to achieve the perfect finger spin! The magic is in a revolutionary two-piece design that allows all of the necessary rim weight to stay in place while offering a contoured finger spin cap and an uncompromising body shape.

Experience the next evolution in finger spin technology with the Czech Point Pivot!



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CARPFIN by MagicYoYo


MagicYoYo is tearing it up with the new Carpfin! High-performance model with a rounded double stepped profile.

Get your go on!

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