MagicYoYo Metal SKYVA

£43.89 £33.89

The king of fingerspins is back! The Metal Skyva is here to break the internet again!

We still remember the incredible craze and success of the plastic Skyva. For over a year it was the best seller months after months the plastic Skyva became the most popular choice of yoyo players all over the world!

Jeffrey Pang’s mailbox literary blew up as he was receiving messages from all over the world asking for the metal version of the super successful Skyva. He had to sit down with MagicYoYo and plan the next move.

He wanted something that could exceed performance in all areas. That means more stability. More spin time and improved fingerspins and the Metal Skyva just does that! Thanks to the silky smooth Delrin cups, it feels like butter the throw almost float around your finger.

The end result is just so sooo satisfying!

Don’t miss out on this one, get them while you can!