MagicYoYo SKYVA New Clear Colourways!


The Magicyoyo SKYVA took the summer and winter by storm and the success continues. The Spring season is here with brand new colourways! 

The world is getting excited about this one! Jeffrey Pang teams up with MagicYoYo and makes history with the release of the new SKYVA!

The SKYVA is high end plastic yoyo for the price of starter yoyo which is huge in itself. But if we take a closer look we can found out that Jeffrey Pang is the owner of Luftverk yoyos.  The makers of the worlds most premium titanium yoyos all designed by Jeffrey himself.

The end result is astonishing product that outperforms in all categories, performance, quality and packaging!

Until that point only the lucky ones were able to experience and get their hands of Jeffrey’s models. Now this is all changed!

We strongly believe that the SKYVA is must have model by all yoyo players!