MagicYoYo – T8

£22.50 £12.50

Usually many metal yoyos with a thin width ain’t worth grabbing but this is not the case with the MagicYoYo T8!

Yo-yo makers nowadays try to avoid designing such a yoyos because it is really difficult to get the balance right.
Magic YoYo didn’t just get the balance right they made a yoyo which is able to compete with full sized yoyos! Must have been a lot of work to design a yoyo like this, it looks like somehow they managed to mix the common butter fly shape into an H-profile!

We heard lots of good things about this model which made us excited to try it! After testing we got huge surprise, it spins super strong! We fall in love and no body expected the T8 to beat full sized yoyos. Who would have thought that such a skinny yoyo have so much strength and power?

If you had enough of the usual boring shapes and you want a fast spinning super throw the T8 is for you!