MagicYoYo Vulfgang


“Oh my God!” This was our first impression when trying the newest Premium Bi-Metal MagicYoYo model the Vulfgang! This is definitely the throw which you won’t be able to put down so easily, it is just so good you better prepare for long practice sessions and tons of fun.

We are astonished by the production quality of Magicyoyo. In the past couple of years they just can’t stop coming out with top throws and with the Vulfgang they set the bar high again!

The Vulfgang is highly limited only 200 pieces will be available worldwide in 4 stunning colourways. You can choose between Rose Gold, Shiny Gold, Matte Grey and Shiny Sliver.

Whatever you are looking for your next throw or not the Vulgang must be in your collection. Get them while you have the chance!