sOMEThING by YoYoAddict – Angle

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sOMEThING is a new yoyo brand from Japan. Presented by the famous Japanese yoyo store YoYoAddict, operated by the 3 times World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki. sOMEThING presents their second freestyle yoyo the Angle. It’s a middle sized yoyo with a comfortable shape. The rounded butterfly body offers comfortable feel not just in adults but also in the hands of children. Comes with Center Trac Bearing and YYF response. The Angle is designed to be immensely stable and easy to control under fast or slow yoyo moves. Diameter: 52.5 mmWidth: 41.1 mmWeight: 66 gResponse System: yoyoFactory Pad / KPad Bearing Size: size C


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