Yoyofactory Protostar

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Yoyofactory Protostar is the signature yoyo of the legendary John Ando! In the era of metal yoyos, 2008 he became the World Champion. His playing style is incredibly visible, his show is full of amazing big tricks and continuous yoyo movements. Make sure to check out his freestyle below. After his success he set out to work on a plastic yoyo which has the feel of a toy combined with metal yoyo like performance. That’s how the Protostar born. Fast spin, great look, comfortable feeling in hand! Being the first high performance plastic yoyo which easily outplays any metal models on the market.

John Ando perhaps the most creative yoyo player ever born. He knew it well that the main source of inspiration is not just the tricks we watch but the yoyos we play.

Protostar = new feel and new feel = new tricks!

These are the last items as the Protostar has been discounted by Yoyofactory and the new Gentry Stein signature yoyo the Replay Pro took its place. 




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