Yoyofficer Rave Bi-Metal


Everybody! Let’s welcome the first Yoyofficer Bi-Metal YoYo the Rave!

The prototype of it was tested in Tokyo at the World YoYo Contest 2015. It was a great move from Yoyofficer as the best players of the world could try the proto and gave such a valuable feedback before the final production run. There is no yo-yo like a Bi-Metal throw, this technology is definitely the present and the future as it combines two type of metal with different qualities.
The body made from 6061 aluminium, the edge of the body made from stainless steel which makes the Rave a long spinning beast.  The smooth bead blasted surface makes it perfect for grind tricks and gives a very comfortable feel when holding the yoyo.

Unmatched performance this is what the Yoyofficer Rave has to offer!

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