Yoyofficer Xpoint


We have been waiting for a long time for this one to drop! The brand new plastic yoyo from Yoyofficer. Be the first one to try!

Yoyofficer always aims to offer yo-yos of the highest quality at budget friendly prices.
They started it with the Aura, Brave and Crayon, pushed it to new levels with Kilter and changed rules with Rave and Shift! Now let’s see what we can achieve with Yoyofficer’s first polycarbonate plastic yo-yo, the X.Point!

X.Point was designed to be wonderful day to day choice for any yo-yo player. Slightly oversized design in combination with string centering bearing assure top class performance, while lower weight gives it light floaty feel, providing really fun and enjoyable play.

Yoyofficer also made the X.Point to become one of main choices for beginner players!

Comes with two axles and two bearings, the X.Point can be easily modified to offer fully responsive play, best for learning your first tricks as well, along side with unresponsive advanced combos.

Diameter 58 mm
Width 44 mm
Weight 64 g

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