Yoyotrap – Helium

£48.99 £38.99

Helium by Yoyotrap making noise straight from London, UK!

The Helium has the ability to give the freedom how you want to play. No yoyo provides the playing experience what the Helium has to offer.  The unique feel, due to it’s unconventional shape and weight distribution. Usually yoyo makers focus on pushing the weight to the edge of the rims to give stronger spin time but this approach sacrifices ease of control and comfortable play. However the Yoyotrap Helium is an aerodynamically designed model which is using natural curves and organic shapes to centralize the weight distribution. The result is an amazing, smooth spinning yoyo which gives you back the control as it reacts to your every wishes.  Go slow or turn up the speed,  it’s all up to you!

Take matters in your hand, play the Helium!

Diameter: 56.4 mm
Width: 44 mm
Weight: 66.5 g
Response System: 14.35 x 19.1 x 1
Bearing Size: Center-Track